Why Most Personal Injury Claims End in Settlements


Have you been injured in an accident that was the result of the actions of another person? This means that there are claims that you can make to recover the damages. You may choose to pursue the claims on your own or hire a personal injury lawyer. If you are wondering about how to go about the process of pursuing your injury claim, you are in the right place. Please read on to find learn and get started on the process.

Insurance Companies and Settlements

Whenever there is an accident that requires a settlement, insurance companies will be involved. In most cases, insurance companies will make an offer and hope to not end up with lawsuits. The settlements are in financial compensation and this means that they will pay a certain amount to cover for the damages suffered.

Unfortunately, these insurance companies are business-minded and will try to underpay for almost every claim. As such, it is advisable to have a professional personal injury lawyer to help you with the process. This is the only assurance that you have that your settlement with being fair.

Why Personal Injury Cases End with a Settlement

Here are the key reasons why a huge percentage of accident claims end in settlement:

Averting Risks

In an attempt to take control of the financial risk, insurance companies opt to offer a settlement. This will prevent them from going to trial where there will be other parties involved. Lawsuits may not be favorable as it is the jury that decides the amount of money that victim will receive for pain and suffering.

Image and Reputation

Any insurance company banks on their reputation and image to continue being in business. Technology has advanced and most clients will review both negative and positive reviews on various platforms. Bad publicity can hurt the reputation of the company and as such, insurance companies will offer settlement so as to protect their image and that of the client. Going to court will publicize the matter and this can affect the reputation of the company. With a bad reputation, the company will be out of business in a short while.

Avoid Prolonged Lawsuits

As for the accident victims, they choose to settle so as to avoid going through prolonged trials, which no end in the near sight. Suffering injuries can affect your life and there will be financial burdens on your shoulders. With a settlement agreement, there is financial relief that comes through in a short while.

Assured Success

When you or your loved one are involved in an accident, you may not be sure about the compensation. As such, a settlement is usually a good deal and feels like a deserved reward for the pain and turmoil suffered.


These are the main reasons why settlements appear as the preferred option of getting claims paid. However, it is advisable to engage a personal injury lawyer so as to make sure that your rights protected.

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